Adventurous Ondine


Quality: Fish-Out-of-Water
Quality: Headstrong and To-the-Point
Quality: A Nose for Danger

Star Power: 3 Oomph: 3
Upgrades: 4, 1, 1


Water Control 6 (Creative Use, Area, Situational Boost[When Submerged], Disadvantage[Must Have Water Around])
Mad Trident Skillz 5 (Accessory)
Athletic 4
Swimming 3
Super Senses 3 (Advantage[Sense Invisible or Hidden Things])
Hypnotic Singing 2 (Area, Deplete [Combat Traits], Disadvantage[Covering Your Ears Blocks it Out])
Chest Full of Dubloons 2
Treasure Hunter 2
Prankster 1

(Two points over)
(Five positive rules, 2 negative

(Upgrades: Extra Quality, +1 to a trait, +1 to a trait)


In the notes for the original pilot episode for the series, Merma was described as “the spunky character” who “often bites off more than she can chew and has to be rescued”. Due to animation limitations — specifically the cost of animating a “tail-to-legs” transformation — Merma was cut from the pilot and the production company was forced to scramble to find a replacement*.

Luckily, another recent production, Alternian Adventures: Magical Space had just been cancelled due to excessive ridiculousness, leaving an assortment of molds and stock animation footage for use. The Evil Princess Aquafeta was repurposed into Amalda, the brash and adventurous sea sprite. For the pilot, finished clips from Alternian Adventures were redubbed and spliced in to replace Merma scenes. This is why, the theme song for all of Seasons 1 and 2 show Amalda firing lightning from the end of her trident even though she never shows this ability until the Direct-to-VHS film The Hunt for Amalda**.

As depicted in the series, Amalda is a grey-skinned sea sprite girl with orange horns, sharp teeth, and fin-like ears. She carries a double-ended trident (a legacy of her character’s past as a ruthless Space Princess that was never removed during the changeover), wears swimming goggles, and has an Pisces symbol prominently featured on her clothing. She lives in a lighthouse half-submerged in Teardrop Lake: the lower underwater floors are where she sleeps and keeps her treasure and the topmost-above-water floors being where she interacts with her friends. Amalda can often be seen staring out a spyglass from the topmost lighthouse window, “hunting for adventure”.

When compared to the earlier Merma character notes, Amalda is a tough and assertive character, who isn’t afraid of anything. While she tends to be overconfident and brash, she is a true friend who can always be counted on to lend a hand (or double-ended trident) when her friends are in trouble. Her overconfidence does tend to get her and her friends into trouble, and several episodes feature dangers to the village unleashed by Amalda’s unnecessary and reckless prodding.

Amalda is very athletic, and is known for her speed, agility, and wicked trident skills. Her senses, tuned like a shark’s, are very acute, allowing her to sell and “sense” things that others cannot. In the water, she can breath without issue and swim with impressive speed. Amalda’s aquatic nature is also a liability in some circumstances. In sufficiently dry situations she can become weak or incapacitated, and prolonged dryness can, potentially, lead to her death.

  • A single run of Merma dolls was produced before the change was made; these are exceedingly rare and quite valuable to the right collector. The Merma molds were later reused as the titular Emily from the Emily’s Undersea Adventures line, a toy line of blatant The Little Mermaid derivatives released after that film’s box office success.
  • The Hunt for Amalda and its toy-line also marked the appearance of several other Alternian Adventures: Magical Space characters and toy molds including: “King Naderen” (formerly “Wizard Klauthume”), “Prince Tigershark” (formerly “Alternian Shark-Warrior”), and “Sea Enchantress Amalda” (formerly “Empress Fefeena”).


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