Princess Darkhawk

Princess of Mean


Quality: Spoiled Brat
Quality: Valley Girl

Star Power: 3


Darkhawk Armor 6 (Accessory, Action Feature)
Ear-piercing screech 4 (Deactivate: Princess Darkhawk’s scream can disrupt communications and make machinery spontaneously combust)
Intimidation 3
Ordering people around 4
Acrobatics 3
Fiind Treasure 2


“Princess of Villainy”

Beneath the computer throne chamber of the Darkspawn King lies another chamber filled with strange mechanical pods. When the Darkspawn King awoke, these pods opened, and out from one of them stepped his daughter, Princess Darkhawk (The other pods malfunctioned over the centuries, and she was the only one who survived).

Princess Darkhawk is spoiled and selfish, as a result of being an only child, and also probably as a result of coming out of a pod. She can be short with people, but she does like her pet demon-bird, Grax, and makes sure it has the best food and all the amenities of the Dark Palace. And her Blegg servants think she probably would be nice enough if she had a little more guidance.

Her Darkhawk armor allows her to fly at Mach 3.

From the Sprite Lights Series Bible

Princess Darkhawk

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