Shauna Mercy Morrigan Mariah MacSmaug

Reformed Dragon Girl


Quality: Loves to give away baked goods
Quality: Accidentally destructive
Quality: Wants to reform Princess Darkhawk

Star Power: 3 Oomph: 3
Normal Form Upgrades: 1, 1, 4
Dragon Form Upgrades: 2, 1, 1, 1


Dragon Form (Special Rules: Major Transform Self, Oomph-Powered) 6
Amazing Baker 5
Quite Strong 5 (Situational Boost: +2 when Angry)
Charmingly Persuasive 4
Keen Eyes 4
Good Judge of Character 4

(Upgrades: +1 Amazing Baker, +1 Quite Strong, Extra Quality)

Dragon Form

Signature Quality: Very Large Dragon
Quality: Still Loves To Give Away Baked Goods
Quality: Too Big


Terrifyingly Persuasive 4
Keen Eyes 4
Good Judge of Character 4
Fire Breath 8 (Area, Big Attack)
Vast Draconic Might 8 (Situational Boost: When Angry)
Flight 4

(Upgrades: New Trait: Flight 1, +1 Flight, +1 Flight, +1 Flight)


Shauna is a warm, friendly, generous dedicated baker who apparently lives in a world that’s just the least little bit too fragile for her— spoons, doors, tables and chairs all too often break in her hands. That doesn’t stop her from working hard to help people, however. She’s a tall, muscular woman with long, flowing, bright red hair and a very pronounced Scottish accent. (She pronounces her first name “SHOW-na,” for example.)

But, of course, this isn’t the entire story.

It wasn’t long ago that the fearsome, all-devouring, ever-hungry dragon Shauna Mercy1 menaced the land, in service to the Darkspawn King, eating the world with an endless appetite. But someone2, sensing the spark of goodness in her, was able to turn her evilness into goodness3, and Shauna became an ally instead of an enemy.

She now feeds all who ask with her truly wonderful biscuits, pastries and cakes. But she still misses her one friend from the other side— Princess Darkhawk— and hopes to persuade her to change her path.


1: Yes, when she was just an evil dragon, in her accent, her name came out as “Show nae’ Mercy!”

2: This can be worked out. Was it one of the PCs? All of them? Has it happened before the game starts? I’m willing to discuss this.

3: See above. Magical powers? Working on her weakness of her love of baked goods? Pure love and acceptance? I’m mellow.

Shauna Mercy Morrigan Mariah MacSmaug

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