Motherly Earth Elemental


Quality: Local Doctor/Nurse
Quality: A shoulder to cry on
Quality: Green thumb
Quality: Protective to a fault

(two extra qualities)

Star Power: 3 Oomph: 3
Upgrades: 4, 4, ?


Touch of Life 6 (free trait, useful for healing and making plants grow.)
Medicinal Person 3 (Advantage: Can come up with strange cures for even curses or mystical ailments… and at least knows where to get such plot sensitive ingredients)
Gardening 2
Give Good Advice 3 (Situational Boost: +2 for the other PCs)
Mama Bear Attacks 4 (Disadvantage: Can only be used to defend someone else (person or animal) is in danger, Situational Advantage: +2 when the person in trouble is a child or young animal, Big Attack)
Friend to the Animals 4 (Fickle, Advantage: Not just one companion, but general woodland critters she can contact, Companion[s]: Manipulate 3, Combat 1, Stealth 1, Toughness 1)
Wise and Knowledgable 2 (Disadvantage: Fickle)
Indomitable 1
Empathetic 1

(two extra qualities, 5 SR; 3 AR =


Well, you have to round out the elements somehow, so after water and fire there came earth. Earth is, let’s face it, not the best seller for a girl’s toy. Sure, boys will buy up monsters made of rock all day long, but girls? Yeah, wasn’t the easiest sell. Earth is associated with a lot of things, after all, but ‘cute’ is seldom one of them.

Urtha went through a lot of redesigns for the show, so much so that the people making the toys stopped paying attention and just put out a color swapped version of the wind sprite (much to the consternation of Urtha’s original designer, but, then, all the toys were all pretty much color swaps with different clothes anyways).

In the end, they went with themes based more on the concept of Earth as a nurturing, motherly force, and associated her powers with things growing and plant life. As a result, most of her clothing and accessories had a very strong plant theme to them.

Urtha is very much the mother hen of the group, and tends to be rather more restrained than the rest of the group. She is also the village doctor/nurse (the show went back and forth on this terminology a lot. The series creator wanted her to be a doctor to set a good rolemodel, but marketing thought nurse would sell better, as such earlier episodes tend to use doctor but by the end of first season or so this was entirely phased out in favor of nurse without in show explanation). She also spends a great deal of time tending a rather fabulous garden.

Note, however, that this was not true in the original pilot. Back then, Urtha was a towering giant and rather more slow spoken and awkward (the original design intended to use a color swapped head with a larger body… which, ironically, would have made the body to scale. The toy company wouldn’t bite on that though, so the original awkward giant was lost).


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